So You Want to be a Film Photographer

Let's venture into film photography for a moment.Those of us fortunate enough to have photo albums from the '90s that are now tucked away in our parents' homes will undoubtedly take great joy in flicking through the ragged card pages,看着那些笨拙的画像,我们上小学时的一天实地考察,the 7th birthday party that was too memorable,去Matabungkay的海滩旅行,and other occasions.我要说的是,这些白话相簿是完美的,而且都是在电影中拍摄的。

For purist photographers who go beyond just randomly applying random VSCO presets,there are so much into photography than meets the eye.If you're an enthusiast and would want to venture more into doing film photography these are a few things to consider.

The Camera


Which camera you'd be using or would want to spend time on.Depends actually on what type of subjects you wish to explore or type of tone you're going for.我建议你选择从90年代开始生产的相机,因为大多数型号都有内置的测光表。


The 35mm/ Photo: Analogique



Canon AE-1 Program价格便宜,可广泛使用,约2000 php++1000,配有标准50毫米镜头。



Toy Cameras such a Lomo,but I personally wouldn't recommend it as you'd be superficially clothing your output with distorted colors and framing.

Photos from:  Analogique


挑选一部影片,并在整个练习中使用,除非另有规定,you'd wish to switch between tones.有有限的彩色胶卷可供选择,but the problem is really getting it developed.There aren't enough shops that accept dropping films off and getting a set of prints back in three hours.


Photos from:  Analogique

But if we are to become more specific about films and which ones are best to use in terms of producing the perfect manual color grades.


复古的灵感和略带沙砾的美学,this collection is perfect for lifestyle,婚礼,还有肖像摄影。

富士Neopan 1600富士Neopan 1600+富士Neopan 1600+富士Neopan 1600-富士Superia 100富士Superia 100+富士Superia 100+富士Superia 100-富士Superia 400+富士Superia 400+富士Superia 400-富士Superia 800+富士Superia 800+富士Superia 800-富士Superia 1600+富士Superia 1600+富士Superia 1600+富士Superia 1600+富士SuperiaRIA 1600-伊尔福德三角洲3200伊尔福德三角洲3200+

Ilford Delta 3200++Ilford Delta 3200-Kodak Portra 160 nc kodak Portra 160 nc+Kodak Portra 160 nc++Kodak Portra 160 nc-Kodak Portra 160 vc kodak Portra 160 vc+Kodak Portra 160 vc++Kodak Portra 160 vc-Kodak Portra 400 nc kodak Portra 400 nc+Kodak Portra 400 nc++Kodak Portra 400 nc-Kodak Portra 400 uc kodak Portra 400 uc+Kodak Portra 400 uc++Kodak Portra 400 UC-Kodak Portra 400 VCKodak Portra 400 VC+Kodak Portra 400 VC++Kodak Portra 400 VC

Essentials provides a well-balanced range of distinct looks,from modern to vintage,活力四射,and everything in between.

三XKodak Portra 800, Fuji Neopan 1600, Kodak Portra 400 UC, Fuji FP-100c, Fuji Astia 100, Fuji Provia 400X, Agfa Vista 100, Kodak Gold 200, 400H+1, Kodak Portra 160 +1, Agfa Portrait XPS 160, Ilford Pan F 50,以及柯达EKTAR 25。

High contrasts and bold colors,this collection is ideal for travel,landscape,街道,and fashion photography.

Agfa Scala 200,富士阿斯蒂亚100F,富士福蒂亚SP,富士普罗维亚100F,富士普罗维亚400X,富士维利亚5-100,富士维利亚100F,柯达E100G,柯达E100V,and Kodak E100VS.



There are quite a number of interest groups on Facebook and business pages dedicated to film photography.So might I suggest to find these niche groups and shops.


Restore the soul in photography

无论数字平台的发展如何,胶片摄影都不会死掉。对,新相机拥有技术先进的传感器,超过了十倍胶片相机的动态范围——更不用说速度和便携性了。它们很便宜,efficient,and can produce exceptionally sharp images- and yet soulless and lacking of joyful output.这些数字图像的后处理消除了摄影工作流程的浪漫。

Instant gratification is all too common with digital photography these days.无论是在拍摄的时候在液晶屏上大猩猩,还是在音乐会上拿着手机,it's a blight on society and takes an immense deal away from the pleasure of photography.


今天我们不仅使更少的专辑,but we're also taking more photographs to get that perfect shot.Even our smartphones are littered with countless portraits of our dogs,people,因为之前的照片可能会好一点。

电影摄影可以摆脱无缺点,and those photo albums that we had back where we can look back on are still as perfect today as when our parents first took those photos of us.它们唤起一些熟悉的情感和怀旧。


它从你的眼睛和照相机的取景器中寻找你如何看待世界的真相。It is the opposite of self-absorption and narcissism as presented on your social media feed.


Find us at考普如果你想参加我们的#DayOut.Adult Field trip,对?

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